How many sessions are suggested?

This will depend on your individual needs and your goals for change. Though many clients report feeling better after the first session, I suggest between 10-12 sessions for the most lasting, effective treatment. However, I have clients who have decided on a long-term follow-up.

Are you doing sessions in person?

I offer individual sessions online and in person, in accordance with all COVID-19 safety measures. 

Do you take insurance?

I offer receipts for any individual treatments. If your private insurance or extended benefits plan covers naturopathy treatments, you can submit receipts to your provider. If you do not have this coverage, you can file it under your tax expenses.

Can you diagnose my condition?

As a sound therapist, I do not diagnose health conditions, nor do I prescribe medication.

How is payment accepted?

After each session, you can complete payment by cash, e-transfer or PayPal.

When are you available

Tuesday to Friday from 9AM – 6PM EST.

Thursday from 9AM – 4PM EST. Weekends exceptionally

Fleur d’asphalte Studio / 6847 St-Hubert, Montreal QC H2S 2M7 ​

What is your cancellation policy?

Please contact me with at least 24 hours’ notice to cancel and reschedule. Same-day cancellations or no-shows require full payment for the session.