Sessions with Mariana

Since 2017, I have been working with individuals and groups of people through psychoanalysis, voice therapy, sound meditations, and sound therapy. My experiences as a mother, childhood art educator, artist, academic researcher, and PhD clinical psychologist deeply inform my approach to listening and clinical practice.

Why Therapy?

When the paradigms we have at our disposal are not enough to express what is vital to our needs, states of tension are produced and symptoms appear in our bodies. Within this tension lies an urgency to reinvent ourselves in order to affirm other ways of living. We can say that for the flow of life, creation is always what matters. Creation means reinventing oneself to affirm the forces of life; naming what does not yet have a name, creating realities which allow for passage.

When this shift does not occur, when the turn of reinvention does not take place, we end up trapped by the fictions others project onto us. Hence the urgency of knowing ourselves through therapeutic work. 

My work exists to assist people in reinventing themselves to affirm a vivid way of living.


photo: Lisa Graves

My specialization

As a therapist invested in sound and voice (and their implications as vibrant matter), I propose a sonorous investigation of trauma in the body. 

Traumas usually work in patterns. I look at these patterns in terms of rhythm, listening for the sounds they create and their manifestation within the body.  The work I propose aims to create new melodies within the body, breaking repetitious habitual actions, and making space for new ways of engaging, creating and living.  

It is not about “healing”, per se. This work is about creating a new integrated body that anchors us and can cope with life’s challenges from an active, living point of view.

I propose a therapeutic work that moves between talking, voicing, vibration, and the body. It is through a continuous shuttle between talking-listening (from the  radical analytic perspective proposed by Felix Guattari) and somatic body work that the therapeutic exercise takes place. In this work, the body is not limited to its physical contours. The body is treated as a multiplicity invested with cosmic forces.

Clients may enter the process trying to deal with stress, depression, PTSD, or anxiety. Often they have received therapy in other forms, but are open to something new. Some clients may be artists looking for therapeutic work that fits with their creative process, or they may be considering the relationship between their research and personal traumas.

This therapeutic work can occur in perfect complement to other treatments, such as the accompaniment of professionals in psychology and psychiatry.

*Although I have a PhD in Clinical Psychology my sessions are offered under the scope of Naturopathy. As a naturopath and sound therapy practitioner I do not under any circumstances replace the role of a doctor or psychologist. I do not make a medical or psychological diagnosis, nor do I prescribe medication. I do not recommend or encourage a client to stop monitoring, treating or taking medications prescribed by a healthcare professional.